Saturday, May 2, 2009

But I digress...

Just wanted to apologize for abandoning the blog for the last month. Part of it was that I didn't eat out as much and the other part was just laziness.

I want to pose a few questions to my fellow Ashevillains (sic):

1)WTF happened to the Iron Sculpture in Battery Park? It seems to have disappeared overnight.

2)When did Dripolator just roll up? And Why? Bad Economy? The place was always packed.


  1. a drunk driver hit the iron sculpture. it's being repaired and will be returned to its original location as far as i know.

    and i heard the dripolator is moving to a different location where their patrons' cars won't always get towed. i don't know where that new place is, though!

  2. The Drip has moved to the Pioneer Building on Broadway, that big new condo thing behind Greenlife. Should be opening there soon.

  3. OK. Well I thank you citizens for the updates.