Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Soda Fountain @ Woolworth Walk 05/02/09

I have been in the Woolworth Walk several times on Saturdays past to look at art, and I always smell the intoxicating aroma of bacon and wish I hadn't just ate elsewhere. Today I specifically went straight there to eat.

If you aren't familiar, the Woolworth Walk is in the old Woolworth building on Haywood Street across from Battery Park. It has been renovated into an indoor art flea market. Anyways, the diner is the old lunch counter and it is basically a short-order type operation. I was expecting they'd have some breakfast food, but no dice. It didn't really matter, though, since it was a quarter to noon already. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and vegetarian chili. They don't have fries. You get a side of chips, potato salad, or cole slaw - none of which I was into today, which is why I got the bowl of chili. The chili was great. More piquant than I had expected, which is a plus. The grilled cheese was cheddar on wheat and was just perfect.

It doesn't hurt that the staff is all a bunch of 20-something cute girls. The atmosphere is 1950's diner without the racism. I got out of there for $8, so I can't complain.

**** four asterisks

Soda Fountain at Woolworth Walk
25 Haywood St Asheville, NC 28801 (828)254-9234

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