Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Papa's & Beer 05/05/09

People have been lauding Papa's & Beer since I first moved to Asheville as the best Mexican in town. I started to go to the one over by the K-Mart last Summer, but there was a line out the door and I'm usually not keen on waiting around when someplace else has no line. Anyways, with that attitude, of all nights, I choose Cinco De Mayo to finally try the place. I went to the newer one over on Tunnel Road because a bunch of co-workers wanted to try it. We waited maybe 45 minutes, so not too bad considering...and they did give out free baby bottles of Corona, not that I'll drink the stuff.

We finally got seated and they brought us our chips and complimentary bean dip. They also have a salsa bar with several types of salsa. I ordered a Negro Modelo and a sweet tea to drink. By the time my food came, I was pretty much already full on chips and salsa, but as I had ordered chili verde, a dish best eaten fresh, I figured I'd gorge myself. The pork was tender and the sauce was delicious. All told, I think I might have spent around $25, so the place is a little pricey for a Mexican place, but the food is high quality. I'd like to try it again on a less crowded evening.

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Papa's & Beer

17 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC - (828) 255-2204

1000 Brevard Rd, Asheville, NC - (828) 665-9070


  1. Yeah, they're definitely the BEST mexican in town. We personally think it's the finest mexican eating on the cheap too. I belive we roughly pay a $40-50 dollar tab (before tip) for four adult and one child's plate, and usually have a to go box every visit.

  2. All I know is my wife & 2 others from a business behind this place went there when they first opened and got really sick from eating there!!! We called the manager and he acted like a A_HOLE so we try to tell all the people around Biltmore park are how "NASTY" it is. I think maybe it's popular beacause older kids can bring other younger kids to drink there !