Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Asiana Grand Buffet 01/08/09

Back in the day, when I was 30 pounds heavier, I was a big fan of buffet restaurants. Back then, perhaps Asiana would have really been up my alley, as it is, I'm not a big fan. Atmosphere wise, the place is pretty swanky. They have nice decorating and it's well lit. The buffet is clean and well stocked. It's probably the biggest buffet around, offering a huge selection of different Asian dishes. Yet, I'm left feeling like it's missing something.

I certainly always get my fill here. They have sushi, egg rolls and other appetizers, chicken, seafood and beef dishes, soups, desserts, etc, but I have never left Asiana feeling like I had a spectacular meal. It's as though they are trying so hard to be the biggest and offer the most variety, that they forgot how to excel at any one dish. I'm certain I've had better meals at lesser buffets in town. And at the price of Asiana, I could eat twice at some of the other places.

I do appreciate the free meal on my birthday, though. Thanks for the birthday present.

*** three asterisks

Asiana Grand Buffet

1968 Hendersonville Rd. - (828) 654-8879

153 Smokey Park Hwy - (828) 667-0410


  1. Free meals on your birthday is always nice.

  2. I was lured into this place a few months ago by a group of my Hubby's co-workers, for none other, a "Birthday lunch." The atmosphere is nice, yes, but the food isn't. As if buffets aren't scary enough as it is, I can think of other good places to have one. Down Hendersonville Road a little (towards Arden) is a place called Wanpen. They have a quick and tasty buffet Monday-Friday for lunch. Bang for your buck. And don't let the fact that they outwardly appear "Closed" or "run down" fool you. Just follow the cars and smell. I'd love to read a review from you on this place.