Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Sage Coffeehouse & Cafe 01/11/09

OK, so it took me a week or two to catch up on these. I ate out a lot the weekend of my birthday..

That being said, some friends of mine called up around 11:00AM to say they were coming into town and we should go grab a bite together. I agreed and pointed them to Patton & College, because I thought we'd hit up Mayfel's, who it turned out were closed for 2 weeks. Bummer.
We walked down to Tupelo Honey, but as usual, there would be a ridiculous wait.

After walking several blocks, we decided to duck into Green Sage. I recalled having a decent brunch there once before. I was leery, because the Green Sage caters to the gluten-free and organic crowd, but I think we made a decent choice.

My buddy from out of town is a finicky eater - a real meat and potatoes kinda guy, but he decided on a bacon & egg biscuit. He initially complained about the price, but decided based on the size and the quality and freshness of ingredients that this was, indeed, a $4 biscuit. I had the Farmer's Omelet but had requested it without kale or tomatoes. When it arrived, it had both. I was able to pick out the tomatoes and decided to eat the kale. The omelet was good, and so were the grits, but I'm not blown away by the sweet potato home fries. His wife had the quiche, which I sampled. It was excellent.

The atmosphere of the Green Sage is typical coffeehouse: some comfy chairs and some wobbly tables in a dark room. The cuisine is probably a godsend if you need a gluten-free diet, or if you just prefer vegan & organic meals, but I find the exotic take on regular breakfast staples to be kind of forced and I'd really rather just go to the Waffle House....or Mayfel's if they are open.

*** three asterisks

Green Sage Coffeehouse & Cafe

5 Broadway Street - 828-252-4450


  1. I'm a vegan, and will agree that this place is just, "okay." While I don't find their prices bad, I think the lack of competent service, or "mass confusion" consistently present in the counter staff a major downer on the whole eating experience there. One of my best Gal Pals who's a Vegan Chef helped open/create their menu when they first opened (Needless to say... she bailed ship asap.)

  2. You've really got to eat more kale. Some hot sauce on it... Mmm!

  3. You should give them another try, they have a great new manager, Tony, who's helping them get it together. I have no doubt this guy will improve service and everything else.