Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kubo's Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar and Hibachi‎ 1/2/09

I was going to hit up one of my regular haunts, but apparently a sprinkler malfunction closed the place I was going down for repairs. I decided to step in Kubo's because they happened to be remarkably empty for a Friday night. The atmosphere is very nice. It is a classy place with beautiful hard wood and fancy lighting fixtures. There are fiber optics in the ceiling that simulate twinkling stars in the night sky. This would be a great romantic date restaurant. I was sadly alone this evening.

I sat at the Sushi bar, although they also have hibachi tables in the back and regular seating in the front. I ordered tuna rolls, a baby octopus salad, and vegetable tempura. I thought the tuna rolls were great and also really liked the baby octopus salad, but I must say, their vegetable tempura was excellent. Just the right amount of crispy without being overdone or greasy. It was like each course of my meal got better. I decided after eating, I'd go ahead and get desert also. I ordered green tea ice cream (a personal favorite at Japanese places) and had it tempura style. It arrived wrapped in a fried crispy shell. It was terrific. I got out of there for around $26 with tip, so overall I can't complain considering this place was quality. Presentation on all of the dishes was also excellent.

***** Five Asterisks!

Kubo's Japanese Restaurant Sushi Bar and Hibachi‎

5 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC - (828) 251-1661

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