Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mela Indian Restaurant 01/10/09

I love Indian food. Mela offers a great dining experience if you love Indian food. They also offer a heckuva nice buffet if you hit them for lunch. I drop in every few Saturdays at lunch to eat way more than I should. They have a great selection of chutneys, salad, soup, rice, breads, and several entrees that are either vegetarian or chicken dishes.

I've been in at night before, also, and their entrees are also excellent. Most of their curries are flavorful without being over powering. The decor is pleasant and subdued. My only real complaint is that I am used to being served by either a Sikh in a turban or a Hindu lady wearing a sari when I go out for Indian. Here, they have pretty white girls in black dresses. I suppose what they lack in authenticity, they make up in aesthetics. It's a minor point. I've not had a bad meal at Mela and I find the prices reasonable, especially the buffet.

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Mela Indian Restaurant

70 N Lexington St. - (828) 225-8880

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